version 2.1.1
is an Android application (1.6 and higher) that reads incoming messages, and announces callers, out loud.

Tell2Me will optionally look for the message source in the phone's contacts list and speak the contact name instead of the number, or look up the U.S. area code to let you know where the call is coming from.

Experimental feature let's you reply verbally to SMS messages without ever touching the phone!

Examples (intro phrases can be configured):
"New message from Joe Doe: This program rocks!"
         – or –
"Call from Chicago"
         – or (experimental) –
"Excuse me sir, there's a text from Susan: Nice app, C U l8r... Shall I reply?"
"OK, please speak your message."
"Thanks, see you tonight"
"Thanks see you tonight...Is this correct?"
"Sending message"

Widget let's you quickly see status, mute/unmute, and access settings.

It can be configured to only use Bluetooth audio, built-in audio, or both.

A filter feature can be configured to announce messages only from certain sources, using regular expressions in a "blacklist" or "whitelist" mode. It can also be configured to override filtering for contacts on your Favorites list.

Tell2Me can also be configured to skip announcements when the phone is in silent mode, or not.
Perfect for:
  • Hands-free and eyes-free use while driving
  • Staying in touch and informed while exercising without messing up your music or breaking your stride
  • Impressing all who behold your new Android phone

All this can be yours forever, for $2.99 in the Android Marketplace!

Please use the email link in the market or in the app for feedback and feature requests -- we're really enjoying tuning this app and making it something fun and productive!

Release Notes:
   New audio routing scheme
   Reverted muting to Tell2Me 2.0 style
   Call alerts always on speaker option
   Optionally repeat call announcement
   Area code lookup, e.g. \"Call from Chicago\"
   Call alerts use device spkr even w/ BT
   More compatible music muting
   And-2.1+: Only read SMS when screen off
   Configurable domain for gMail
   Added use of phonetic names in And-1.6
   Bug fixes & cosmetics
   Shake/tap to silence
   Music pause
   Improved widget graphic
   Silence when phone answered
   Widget status display/mute control
   Silence when call answered
   Android 1.6 support


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